The Best Blues for Your Bedroom Décor

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While it’s not one of the Nevada real estate license requirements, you will get clients that ask you about home décor and interior design. Therefore, it’s important to brush up on your design and décor general knowledge, such as:
Blue is a go-to classic for bedrooms, because there are so many shades to choose from. However, you have to think about which blue makes you happier, then go with that. Read on for ideas on how you can improve your interior design with a few bedroom blues.
Navy Blue with a Nautical Theme
To give your bedroom a captain kick, go with a classic nautical theme that calls from a combination of navy blue and solid white. You could go with stripes, or you could layer the colors. Or, you could go solids for the walls, and then accent with a combo of blue and white prints. There are numerous choices, but be sure to include a few seashells, starfish, lighthouse appliques, and other nautical-themed accents.
Cerulean with Butterfly Appliques
Cerulean is a rich, vibrant blue that seems to shine from the inside. It has its own deep sparkle, reminiscent of the skies before dawn. Perfect for accenting your bedroom walls, you could pair cerulean colors with butterfly appliques. Grab a Monarch or two and make it look as if these butterflies are fluttering from your headboard, carrying your dreams to the stars.
Robin’s Egg with White Splatter Speckles
Robin’s eggs are gorgeous in bright tones, especially with their white splatter speckles that symbolize the uniqueness of each egg. Therefore, you can use this color as a base, then use a paintbrush to speckle the walls over top your base coat. Just a few light splatters would do. And, for extra POP, you could add a few accents in off-white around the room, such as a vase for fresh flowers or a picture frame for your favorite photographs.
Sky with Clouds [perfect for children’s bedrooms]
This one is a big hit with kids, but adults can modernize it for their bedrooms too. Kiddos would love having the clouds and skies in a classic blue that represents a sunny day, full of laughter and fun. Whereas, most adults would prefer the evening skies, perhaps with a few glow-in-the-dark stars pasted to the ceiling above their bed. For a nighttime look, paint the walls a cobalt blue with silver dots to represent the distant planets and galaxies.
When it comes to amazing home décor, you don’t have to look much past varying shade of blue. There are dozens to choose from, and you can snag inspiration from any of them. Or, you could take a concept from the aforementioned ideas and run with it.